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Holidays in India

The country of contrasts and vivid impressions

Traveling to India … It excites the nerves with the exoticism of indescribable colors of the East, rich in ancient traditions. A guided tour to India or a beach holiday in Goa – in any case, the sea of ​​vivid impressions will not leave itself long to wait. Because impressions await the tourist at every turn.India is a country of paradoxes where civilizations, cultures and languages ​​intertwine. This is a country of contrasts: luxury here peacefully coexists with real poverty.

However, the resorts of India, despite some features of the economic realities of the country, are characterized by modern service, which is not inferior to world standards. With all the eastern exoticism of the country, the corners to which tourists are invited are quite western in comfort.
The climate and nature of India are infinitely diverse. In the north you will find snow-capped mountains, in the south at the same time you can admire the tropical palm trees.

If you are interested in history, then traveling through a mysterious country will allow you to touch the secrets of Maharajas, feel the breath of freedom-loving Gandhi. Legendary palaces, fortresses and temples will not leave you indifferent.

India Hotels

Going to India as a tourist, you will need to stop somewhere. A feature of this country is the sufficient convention of the “stardom” of local hotels. India hotels are classified by price categories.

Luxury category means that a stay in such a hotel will cost you more than $ 100 per day. The mid-range category reduces this figure to $ 20-100. The budget category looks quite democratic against this background – here you can spend the night for $ 10-20. There is another option for hotels – super-efficient – where less than $ 10 costs per day.

Hotels in India are divided into state, tourist and private. State intended mainly for officials. However, if there are rooms available, any tourist can stay here.

Travel hotels in India are owned by state travel companies. They differ from each other in cost. There are budget options, as well as premium and heritage (denoting belonging to historical and cultural monuments). These rooms can be booked at travel agencies.

Private hotels are, in contrast to Western ones, by no means cozy cozy small guest houses. Here, these are economical, Indian-style apartments, often characterized by unsanitary conditions. There are also options for western private hotels. Add to the previous description of the restaurant. However, neither one nor the other option is unacceptable for our tourists: we have become too demanding. Especially in India you need to be careful about hygiene issues.

Thanks to such exotic options, reviews about hotels in India are often not very loyal.

We should also mention the hotels of Goa. They are distinguished by good service and well-developed infrastructure, have all the opportunities for educational, active recreation.

There are also chains of international-class hotels in India: Kempinski, Marriott, Renaissance, Holiday Inn. They are naturally expensive, but they provide the guests with an appropriate level.

Travel Advice: Do not go to India (especially if you are going there for the first time) yourself. Contact a travel agency – it will be more expensive, but more reliable. India is too contrasting and exotic for refined Westerners.

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